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Tenant Screening Criteria

Properties for Lease

Rental Application

We do not lease to:

  • Section 8.
  • Applicants that have been evicted from other properties.*
  • Applicants that have broken leases at other properties. *
  • Applicants that owe other property owners/landlords monies.*
  • Applicants that falsify information on their rental application.
  • Applicants that have a history of being bad tenants or been destructive to property.


Prospective tenant must have:

  • Minimum of 3 times the rent in gross monthly income.
  • Verifiable employment. (Prefer that individual is in his/her current position for 2 years, but might accept a lesser duration based on other work history.)*

Rental History

Minimum of one year verifiable rental history. *


We do not accept applicants that have a criminal record. This includes but is not limited to a conviction of:

  • Any felony.
  • Crimes against people or property.
  • Crimes involving the manufacture, sale or distribution of controlled substances.
  • Crimes involving solicitation of prostitution or prostitution.
  • Child molestation

       However, it is the sole discretion of the property owner to qualify or disqualify an applicant that has a minor offense on his/her record.


  • Must have more positive credit than negative credit.*
  • Cannot have any bankruptcies or foreclosures.*
  • Cannot have any recent repossessions.*


At the property owner’s sole discretion the requirements followed by (*) may be waived, if the prospective tenant pays a significantly higher security deposit. The amount will depend on the individual situation.

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