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Seller Services

We offer a number of solutions for home owners to quickly dispose of their property and get a fair price.Via's purchasing group consists of a number of investors who deal solely with property in the South Houston area. We do not charge owners fees or commissions and we can often close on a specific property in 7 days or less.

What’s your situation?

Have you been transferred or must
relocate quickly?
Have you lost your job, behind on
housepayments, facing foreclosure,
need to stop an eviction?
You can’t sell your house, because the
realtors aren’t doing their job, or you
have had it trying to sell it yourself?


Is the Realtor’s commission equal to or more than
your equity?

Are you facing a possible divorce or legal problems?

Are you making double payments?
Or, do you just need some quick cash?

Some of our happiest clients are those who tried FSBO (home for sale by owner) and tired of the hassle. We can help you in all sorts of situations if you can be flexible in your wants. Let Via tailor a solution that meets your needs and works for us all.

Sound Interesting?
Learn more by providing us with the information below:


Full Name

Email Address  
  Property Address What do you owe on the property?  
  Phone with area code What do you think the property is worth?  
  Best time to call? am pm How quickly would you like to have a solution?  
  What is your situation? How can we help?  


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